Helping families of wealth see beyond the money


We help with the human and relational aspects of family wealth

  • We help families who hope that the wealth they enjoy today will remain within their family across generations and perpetuate choice, freedom and contribution for future generations.

  • We help individuals within families and families as a group to have the best chance of flourishing and living well with their wealth. We do this by supporting family members to develop the unique competencies needed to cope with and manage wealth and the impact that wealth may have on their lives.

  • We help family enterprises build the confidence to address the issues sitting at the interface of family and enterprise. We do this by helping family members build world class capacity for communication, decision making and conflict management. This foundation can impact everything from written agreements made to enjoyment of relationships in all domains of life.

  • We apply our specialized expertise in family dynamics and knowledge of the nuances required for successful enterprises. This equips us to positively impact a family’s well-being while also empowering the family enterprise.

  • We focus on the process as much as the successful outcomes. We motivate families to develop clear objectives and support their achievement.

Our Team

Your Family Enterprise founding partners Ruth Steverlynck, LL.B hons, FEA, and Peter Vaughan, MA, RCC, CGMT, FEA, have decades of experience helping family enterprises navigate the waters of meaningful continuity. The newest member of the team, Paul Attia, LL.B., FEA joins us in King City, Ontario.

Ruth Steverlynck*
Peter Vaughan