Helping families of wealth see beyond the money


We help with the human and relational aspects of family wealth

  • We help families who hope that the wealth they enjoy today will remain within their family across generations and perpetuate choice, freedom and contribution for future generations.

  • We help individuals within families and families as a group to have the best chance of flourishing and living well with their wealth. We do this by supporting family members to develop the unique competencies needed to cope with and manage wealth and the impact that wealth may have on their lives.

  • We help family enterprises build the confidence to address the issues sitting at the interface of family and enterprise. We do this by helping family members build world class capacity for communication, decision making and conflict management. This foundation can impact everything from written agreements made to enjoyment of relationships in all domains of life.

  • We apply our specialized expertise in family dynamics and knowledge of the nuances required for successful enterprises. This equips us to positively impact a family’s well-being while also empowering the family enterprise.

  • We focus on the process as much as the successful outcomes. We motivate families to develop clear objectives and support their achievement.

Our Team

Your Family Enterprise founding partners Ruth Steverlynck, LL.B hons, FEA, and Peter Vaughan, MA, RCC, CGMT, FEA, have decades of experience helping family enterprises navigate the waters of meaningful continuity. The newest member of the team, Paul Attia, LL.B., FEA joins us in King City, Ontario.

Ruth Steverlynck
Peter Vaughan
Paul Attia


Ruth Steverlynck’s “The Wealth Experience” Podcast
BMO Wealth Management Podcast Series

Storytelling: More Than Just Words
Ruth Steverlynck and Samantha Reynolds discuss how family storytelling can ease the stress of wealth transition.
Ruth is a founder and principal of Your Family Enterprise Advisors Inc.; Samantha is founder and president of Echo Storytelling Agency.

“Traditional planning prepares the assets for the family.
The work we do prepares the family for the assets.”

  – Ruth Steverlynck


We believe family wealth is
financial, relational and personal well being.

  • We believe that continuity of family wealth is optimized when the primary goal for the financial wealth is not preservation and growth for its own sake but preservation and growth to support the development and growth of the family and its individual members.
  • We believe a family’s relational health includes both connection and autonomy; both conflict resolution and conflict acceptance; both agreement on values and honoring personal differences.
  • We believe personal well being includes two fundamental needs being met: To be and feel significant in your world; and to be and feel secure in your place in another’s world.
  • We believe that all families irrespective of size, composition, or history are inherently strong and have immeasurable capacity for love, connection and support, even while experiencing their challenges and limitations.
  • We believe in respecting the boundaries of our own skills and experience and collaborating with multidisciplinary advisors each doing what they do best. We see every plan, every intervention, every service to your family through a multi-disciplinary lens.

Stability in Turbulent Transition

The most significant issues facing family businesses
are family based issues
rather than business based issues.

   – John Ward


We work with family owned enterprises, family businesses, family offices and family foundations.


1. Do you view your planning as an opportunity rather than a burden?

2. Do you want to actively participate in your planning rather than wait for recommendations and be told what to do?

3. Do you want to invest the same energy and creativity into the future of the family’s wealth as was invested in the creation of it?

4. Do you care about the qualitative aspects of planning ( loved ones, values, legacy) as much as the quantitative aspects of planning ( tax, legal, insurance, investments)?

5. Do you want family wealth to transition to family members who are prepared to receive it?

6. Do you believe that planning is optimal when done with the people that will be impacted by it rather than for the people who will be impacted?


1. Are you worried about confronting planning as it raises issues of your children’s ability to inherit Your Family Enterprise and the wealth created therein?

2. Is there “side-taking” in your family or your enterprise, where people seem to predictably form into coalitions with competing interests or perspectives?

3. Are there important or even apparently trivial conversations that get de-railed quickly and often?

4. Is there a particular pair in the family who’s ongoing conflict is negatively impacting the whole unit?

5. Are there significant “elephants in the room”, but no-one knows how to address them without destabilizing the enterprise?

6. Are the marriages of key family members experiencing hardship, and you want the solution to also be sensitive to the needs of the enterprise?

7. Are some family members experiencing significant distress or dysfunction in their personal lives, and you want to know how the family can help?


Success through collaborative process.

We do more than “believe” in collaboration with multi disciplinary advisors. We “breathe” collaboration.

We see every plan, every intervention, all of our services to your family through a multi-disciplinary lens. We understand our boundaries and work with a broad and diverse group of the highest caliber of professional advisors who have specialized knowledge that you may need at various stages of the process.


Your Hopes  |  Your Concerns  |  Your Family  |  Your Wealth  |  Your Enterprise

We help you articulate your hopes, address your concerns, equip your family to understand all dimensions of your wealth and your enterprise in order that any planning you undertake is truly aligned with what matters to you in both your head and your heart.

Our Approach To Family Wealth:

“The history of long term wealth preservation in families is a catalog of failures epitomized by the proverb “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations”…yet very few families have understood that their wealth consists of three forms of capital: human, intellectual and financial…for a family to preserve its wealth…it can give greater thought to the preservation of the family’s human and intellectual capital while exercising excellence in its stewardship of the financial capital.”

James E. Hughes Jr.
Counselor-at-Law (retired)
Author (esteemed)
Elder & Mentor

“I describe family values as responsibility towards others, increase of tolerance, compromise, support, flexibility. And essentially the things I call the silent song of life—the continuous process of mutual accommodation without which life is impossible.”

– Salvador Minuchin


Our Commitment to Your Family Enterprise

We recognize that it is an enormous privilege to be invited into Your Family Enterprise and we take the responsibility of that privilege very seriously. We express our commitment to your best interests by:

  • Keeping ourselves informed of latest developments, thinking and thought leadership in the field of family enterprise best practices;
  • Only accepting work where we believe we can be of significant support and value;
  • Embedding learning and development into all we do together to ensure everyone is informed, capable and meaningfully engaged;
  • Honouring your privacy and confidentiality as agreed between us;
  • Fulfilling our commitments to you;
  • Not accepting gifts of significant value.

“There is a longing or a wish, and therefore a recipe, within every negative emotion. In general, in sadness something is missing. In anger there is a frustrated goal. In disappointment there is a hope, and expectation. In loneliness there is a desire for connection. In a similar way, each negative emotion is a GPS for guiding us toward a longing, a wish, and a hope.”

– John Gottman



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